We’re All Part of the Seed Life

From the farmer planting the seed to the consumer eating at their table.

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Hi, I'm Katie!

I'm so glad you are here! What started as a small idea, has grown in to something so much more on this website. I wanted to have an easy place for friends & family to come support my business. Over time, hundreds of people have purchased on here to support more than just me... agriculture!

Currently I run Seed Life, try to be the best farm wife I can be, have a small cattle herd, and now I have a little girl that I try to give most of my time to! Back in 2018, my family and I were brainstorming about my/our future place in ag, and we saw a Salt Life sticker. I wanted to be the Seed Life of the Midwest like Salt Life is to surfers and beach enthusiasts. So, I'm so thankful you found 'The Seed Life' page, and hope you can find some of our "swag" that fits your life, while representing the ag industry! It's the best life, if you ask us!

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